Privacy Policy

PackagingNinjas follows a strict privacy policy to ensure the privacy of our customers’ information and our website users. In order to prevent your crucial information from any poisonous intention, we have taken plenty of precautionary measures.

How we secure your information?

There are different ways by which we gather your information like, we use different servers and websites to get complete information about you. We maintain the acquired information in our records with our customers’ domain name, date/time of visit, sort of browser used and by availing information about browser through which you operate, we provide you with the website that will readily work in your system. Your email addresses will never be added to your log file. We also use the software to monitor our customers how many pages they have come upon and the time duration for which they stayed on every single page. We comprehend every single page you’ve searched and customized the other pages in similar ways. The motive of monitoring you is just to give you the links of products you want to see. All the personal information like their names, contact number, shipping address and all the business information is provided by our customers voluntarily. 
 Apart from this, your crucial financial information will be used to lead your transactions or payment for your products and for the service that you want to avail. The purpose behind tracing your location is to facilitate you with the trending designs according to the needs of your surroundings. Don’t be afraid, your personal information will always go with your interest like, you will be informed with any change and update on our website.

Security of your information

Our aim is to protect our customers’ information because we want to admire our customer not to earn. We use different techniques to protect your confidential information. Firstly, we make our website contents password protected which ensures their safety because only the person who has the password key can access to your crucial information. That’s the reason why we always advise you to lock your distinctive information with a password which couldn’t guess. Every single content on our website is password protected which give us an assurance that only the authorized people who have the password can access to our contents. If you forget the password, it will be regenerated according to the terms and conditions of our company. We hire our employees by extremely checking their background to provide your reliable services. PackagingNinjas assures you that we will never give your confidential information to any third party because your trust is a big thing for us. Other than this, to increase the number of customers, we use cookies. A cookie in your system will allow our website to recognize you readily and to relate your information to our previous records. In order to use, do not forget to enable your cookies. Furthermore, these cookies can also be removed later by getting instructions from your website. It is possible that our website may contain links to other websites, be aware before redirecting to the other website because after that we will be not responsible for any inconvenience. We always encourage our customers to read the privacy statement of third parties to ensure the safety of their crucial information. We only add the information collected by our website to our privacy statement. Be aware, our privacy statement always ends with our website. Our privacy policy may be changed without any notice, though the changes will be posted on our website. We advise you to read the privacy policy page regularly.

How to contact PackagingNinjas?

There are several ways you can contact us. You can contact via our website Apart from this, you can also call us.